Thursday, December 30, 2010

horey! horey! Blue is the color for Malaysia!!~

tho i adalah seorang super duper lazy 2 do entry in my blog.. but i think dis one is worth spending few minutes typing on... Last Nyte~ (29 Dec 10) Malaysia has won the AFF Suzuki Cup final for the 1st time in 16 bloody years! huhuhu~ i am overjoyed...! i have 2 admit, i'm not an avid football fan, i only watch football n well promoted @ hot @ to-wait-for match only.. like World Cup, Final EPL n etc.. but.. since malaysia got into semi final 4 dis Cup, i gave my utmost attention to every game that malaysia played afta dat.. wow! i'm so amazed by our potential n the way they played, boy have i not seen our players play like dat in a looong time..

so last nite was the climax of the Cup n Gosh.. i cudn't describe with words of proud i truly feel being a Malaysian at that moment. specifically during the 1st goal that safee scored and the penalty that fahmi saved.. they're current malaysia heroes! Good job guys! THANK YOU Rajagobal! u r one of the main reason of how we r there last nyte... my tears rolled down (emo gal, i am) when they hold up the trophy with the sound effect of the song 'we are the champions' by Queens.. i cudn't be prouder... What a way to close down our 2010 curtain as 4 Malaysia.. we r united n i would also want to express my gratitude 2 indonesian fan... Thank you so much 4 being a true sports fan n have a positive fighting spirit~ we are indeed serumpun.. Thank you askar2 indonesia kerana melindungi pemain2 kami pak.. we really appreciate it..

last but not least.. i hope that they'll keep up the great performance in football n make us prouder in the future.. well, i noe in everything, there ups n downs.. but honeyh, guess what.. we're totally UP in the sky!!

Friday, December 17, 2010


Last nite i had dinner with my Fac 2 friends.. it's been sooo long.. me, mas, zie, ida n asma. wish dat lynn n kelly ade skali. we had sooo much fun eating n laughing althoe the waiter was damn lousy.. hehehe~ suke2 hati je kan. takpelah. zie wud agree with me lah! then we chit chat n zie came up with the topic SNOW!! gosshh~ i wish i am there in the UK with jwa rite now!! hahaha~~

its a bummer that i was sooo small when i was in England. i can hardly remember the feelings of playing n being in the snow. how i wish i am there now.. (again) hehe~ making snow angels n snowmen~ lots of 'em.. i can say dat i consider myself as a 'cold' person.. hehe. not as in cold in attitude n expression. it's actually i looove being in cold weather. it refreshes me.. altho the shivering can sumtimes be a liiitle bit uneasy but i'm okay as long as the sweaters n warmers can heat me up.. huhu! i will just love it.

this shows dat i need 2 find a place of studying yang ada 4 seasons cuz i love 'em all especially winter (pelik kan?) and spring too~ hehe.. InsyaAllah.. but i have some worries like, will winter apparels make me look fatter? hahaha~ anyways.. i'll keep dreaming of being in the snow while doing my endless masters labworks and experiments... haha! Ya Allah.. Permudahkanlah jalanku ini.. =)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dun wanna make Promises~

i donno to whom am I promising but i'll try to make my blog much more interesting.. hahaha! it's really, 'mandom' to me.. but we'll try 2 upgrade dis in due time. ;)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ya Allah~~~

Ya Allah ya Tuhanku..

aku yakin, dugaan buat ku ini, adalah untuk kebaikan ku..
aku yakin, dugaan ini, ada hikmahnya..
aku yakin, dugaan ini akan meninggikan darjat ku..
akan meningkatkan keimanan ku..
akan menambahkan ketakwaan ku..

Ya Allah ya Tuhanku..

Hamba mu ini terlalu lemah ya Allah..
masih menangisi ujian yang telah Kau titipkan pada ku hampir setahun yang lalu..
dan kini, satu ujian yang maha hebat didatangkan kepada ku..

Ya Allah ya Tuhanku..
Sahabat-sahabatku kelu tidak terkata..
Teman sejati ku terpinga-pinga
Apabila melihatkan ujian yang Kau berikan kepada ku.
Mereka sedih dan pilu melihat titisan air mata di pipiku...
Namun, semua sepakat mengatakan..
"Allah mengujimu....Yang terbaik akan datang...bersabar wahai saudariku"

Ya Allah ya Tuhanku..
Aku yakin janji-janji Mu yang telah tertulis dalam Al-Quran, kitab yang suci
Aku yakin, Kau tidak akan mengujiku melebihi kemampuanku...
Aku yakin, jodoh yang terbaik akan Kau berikan kepada ku...

Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku..
Wahai Tuhan Yang Maha Pengasih dan Penyayang....
Wahai Tuhan Yang Maha Mendengar... Kau mendengar rintihan hatiku setiap malam
Wahai Tuhan Yang Maha Melihat... Kau melihat titisan air mata ku dan kesungguhan ku menanggung derita
Ya Allah...
Aku pohon...
Permudahkan jodoh ku...
Kurniakan kepadaku jodoh terbaik...
Yang dapat menemaniku menuju ke jalan Mu di dunia ini..
Yang mengajarku ke jalan Mu di dunia ini..
Yang melindungi maruahku di dunia ini...
Yang memimpin ku ke Syurga Mu di akhirat kelak..

Ya Allah...tingkatkan kesabaranku...
Kekalkan kewarasanku..
Kurniakanlah jodohku ..
Mudahkanlah jodohku...

Ya Allah...
Dont leave me in despair....Ya Allah....kasihanilah hambaMu ini....
YA ALLAH.....Bantu hamba mu ini...
Aku sudah tidak berdaya lagi...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Last 4 months

events dat happens last 4 months:

1. robbed AGAIN 4 the 2nd tyme..
2. moved back in to college n happily staying there. ease of mind.
3. my sister came back from London 4 2 months holiday..
4. My bro got a place n MARA scholarship at currently doing his preparation at mara banting.
5. did my 2nd tyme rebonding~~ huhu!
6. bla bla bla...

too many things has happened. too bz to write but then i shud try n make tyme.. huhu.. i must! chaiyyokk~~

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Write again~~

it's been a while since i last put an entry in my blog.. i have almost forgotten that i even have 1.. huhuhu.. but today i decided that i should start writing again.. writing and reading used to be my passion.. but somehow, somewhere along the way, i stopped doing it.. forgetting what i like most in my school years which was writing essays for language classes.. i guessed i got actively involved in other activities that requires my physical energy rather than mental. but alas, there is never a wrong time to start a gud thing right?

i am currently working in UPM as a tutor in department of crop science, faculty of agriculture, UPM, serdang selangor.. (dun i sound like a resume?) started since 1 june 09. almost a year oready. i miss my lovely kolej risda and everything dat i leave behind there... my housemate, my friends, my students... though it was a short while, but the experience dat the place has given me is priceless and cud never be forgotten.. to my fellow ex-colleagues n ex-students dat's reading dis.. i thank all of you 4 the pleasure of knowing all of u. everyone there touched my heart in their own unique way.. even if i didn't go there much, doesn't mean that i have forgotten or miss u guys.. the love is always planted in my heart. seeing my student graduated is the greatest joy that a teacher cud ever have...

Thursday, March 19, 2009


i planned 2 bring my students 2 cameron highland next month. all 90 of them... huhu. hopefully it will come true. It's sumthing i've promised them 4 A long time oready... kinda excited plus lil bit worried coz dis is the 1st tyme i kena jadi koordinator. usually i'm just the participating student. harap2 okay n everything will go smoothly.. ahaks! ^_~